Setting Boundaries and Effective Communication

In my podcast, that I co-host with Dee, our goal is to show up in our most authentic selves and do the tough work of choosing love over fear. In a recent episode, I point out that we need to set better boundaries with our family, friends, acquaintances and whomever else we interact with in order to have the right energy alignment. I emphasize the importance of protecting your energy for several reasons; good energy means good health, and good alignment which aids in the achievements of goals.

Two ways to overcome fear, challenges and pain

Sitting in this cushy lounge chair I glance at the gentleman next to me. He is trying to pretend he doesn’t notice me, so I quickly look away so he is not uncomfortable. Or maybe so I am not uncomfortable; either way I look away. I look at my arm instead, which is connected to a needle that is connected to a hose that is connected to a bag suspended from the ceiling. Same as the man next to me. Though I believe his bag might have different stuff in it cause his stuff is a different color than my stuff.

Meditation Myth Busting

When my anxiety was getting to a crippling point, I was searching for answers everywhere. And so many places I looked said, mediation. The problem was, who the hell has time to mediate, AND, when we try it doesn’t really help anyhow. Right? There is an old zen adage that says, “You should sit in mediation every day for twenty minutes, unless you’re too busy—then you should sit for an hour.” Yet, what happens if we think its not really for us, or that we will suck at it?

To Choose Love, I Quit

It’s hot. Like, not normal hot, but the kind of hot I’d imagine the first step into hell would be. Maybe the second step. Shit, how many steps to hell are there…? It is all of those steps. I am choking on sweat and the dust swirling around me. Dust from the dry cracked earth that I am slowly dragging pieces of as each foot is barely hoisted up and slightly planted an inch further.

How to get out of a funk

Have you ever been in a weird mood? A bad one, sad one, a funk- and you are not even sure why? No energy, don’t wanna do jack and overall feel blah? If you have, I feel you completely- and I think most people do too (at least at some point in their life). Listed below are ten things you can do to get out of a funk, however, I do know the hardest part is DOING any of the ten. Just pick one. One…and give it a shot. Then maybe another.