Retreat Testimonials

“The weekend was invigorating. I realize that I actually pushed myself further than I thought. I loved it and as usual all expectations were exceeded. It amazes me how a group can come together and as we were leaving it was like we had all been friends for a long time.  As I reflected on the past year this weekend, I realized I had made a lot more changes to improve my health and hope this weekend will mean even more improvement. Thanks and looking forward to making it to the California retreat in the future.”

Shirley Hornaday

“What an amazing weekend! I am so recharged and ready to conquer all the goals I set! You inspire me!  Thank you so much!”

April Parker

“This is a special sacred place. I had no idea of the breadth of experience awaiting me here. I shared, I healed, I am so thankful to be here, so glad I came. Thank you for creating this place, space and retreat program so we can feel renewed. I am strong!  I am powerful! I am healthy! I am loved!”

Jen Warren

“THANK YOU! Shannon, thank you for this! I really wasn’t aware of the self preservation that was needed for ME. I neglected myself for so long and I am POWERFUL, I am HEALTHY, but most importantly I am STRONG!! What I have gotten out of this is I have found ME! Thank you!”

Meca D.

“Thank you for the time, your energy and your positivity. I was at a point where I needed some of the quiet reflection and this was the perfect time and place. I am renewed!”

Joanne H.

“LIFE CHANGER! This is exactly what I needed in my life right at this moment! I am physically, mentally and emotionally ready now to make positive changes in my life. Love this retreat! Thank you so much!”

Amy Brumby

“Loved every minute of this beautiful retreat. Great people, great bonding experiences, and loved Learning about a healthy way of living. Would recommend it to anyone looking for a great time!”

Jenny D.

“I am so grateful I attended this retreat. It was exactly what I needed to gain focus and energy. I am now able execute on my business and have a more fulfilling personal life. Thank you, thank you.”

Paige Caballero

Coaching Testimonials

“I have been working with Shannon during an extremely important time in my business, a move to a different location! She has done a tremendous job of pointing out highly important things I would never have thought of. I have already begun to see more income and saved money on unnessary expenses, all due to her guidance. I am so pleased that I found her just in time. My business is at a crossroads, and she is getting me through it with confidence. She is a great advisor, so personable and such amazing attention to detail. I am grateful Shannon is an intricate part of my business. As a first time business owner, she plays a key role in my success! I recommend her services for any business, large or small.”

Thalia Kirchwehm
Owner & Pilates Teacher / Kore Pilates and Yoga

“Shannon has helped me in so many ways, I don’t know where to begin! My business has sky rocketed and I now am opening a second location!”

Jenny D.
Breath Yoga Studio

“I am glad I was recommended to work with Shannon. I didn’t expect what I got. Life and business coaching rolled into one. IF you listen (took me a while), you will gain so much.”

Heather M.
Best Buddy INC.

“Since working with Shannon, not only do I FEEL better, but my business is up 12%, in just four months!”

Kris S.
NTX Competition

“There is nothing more rewarding that feeling great and obtaining success, and that is exactly what we are doing together.”

Janelle Y.
Small Business Owner; Accounting

“When I came to Shannon, I thought I was just getting a business coach. I not only did that, but have started taking better care of myself AND my business and it is paying back over and over again in my quality of life.”

Sarah S.
Corporate Executive

“I am so glad I hired Shannon as a coach. Not only do I feel that I have put my business on the right track, but I feel I have gained a valuable resource within myself, for life, because of our work together.”

Shannon A.
Small Business Owner; Pump It Up

“I was surprised at how much changed in my business and in my life when I started working with Shannon. I still have some work to do, but I can’t believe the path I am on and am so grateful.”

Debra S.
Small Business Owner; Dance Force