Mind & Body Complete: Online Store

At Mind & Body Complete, we want to offer products and services that enable the community to live the best life possible. In doing this, we want our products to be accessible to anyone, and benefit everyone. In that spirit, most of our store products are donation based and all donations are given to our non-profit partner, Pass the Love. Whatever you are able or wanting to give, please do so. Thank you for your contribution to becoming YOUR best self, and helping others to do the same.

MBC Gift Certificate


The perfect gift for the one you love (or even a boss, neighbor…a perfect stranger). Give a gift of self love, relaxation and rejuvenation! Our gift certificates can be used towards retreats, workshops, events or coaching. They never expire! Free shipping in the U.S.


30 Day Slim Down and Power Your Brain Program

$24.99 $0.00

Suggested Donation Amount: $20

What is included:

  • Description/outline of the program + how it works
  • Meal plans and shopping list

This plan works for those that cannot digest gluten or dairy.  It is not vegetarian- though it can be pescatarian by replacing any meat protein with a fish protein.


A Healthier, Happier You e-Cookbook

$5.99 $0.00

Suggested Donation Amount: $5

Our first edition ecookbook with recipes from friends, our team at Mind & Body, as well as one of our favorite retreat chefs, Lou Garrett from Lou’s Grubs & Goodies. This compilations has over 50 recipes of breakfasts, lunches/dinners, desserts and drinks with adaptability for vegan and vegetarians! ALL are gluten free and most are dairy free or can be adapted to be.


e-Course: Eliminate Negativity & Increase Abundance

$99.00 $49.00

Suggested Donation Amount: $40-$50

Reprogram to Eliminate Stress, Anxiety & Fear & to Increase Abundance

Looking to eliminate your fears, obstacles and negativity? Want to reduce or eliminate stress & anxiety? It is all a matter of reprogramming. Our programming, or stories, have held us back in so many ways; and usually we don’t even realize it. Here is a seven step program, delivered over the course of seven weeks, and includes tons of tips, tools, templates, videos and more. At the end of this seven week course you will be able to cultivate more abundance, peace and happiness in your life. Guaranteed.

Introductory Price: $59- Limited time only! Goes up to $99 soon!


Online Coaching Program

$497.00 $197.00
  • 15 sessions designed with purpose and intent and utilized by hundreds of women to cultivate a life you love.
  • Videos & worksheets for each lesson to introduce and fully develop specific tools.
  • BONUS: Free Eliminate Negativity and Increase Abundance e-Course.
  • BONUS: A comprehensive scientific assessment, designed by a group of well known psychologists, that will outline your strengths and help you with focus, purpose and clarity.

The Complete Meditation Toolkit

$9.99 $0.00

Suggested Donation Amount: $10

Utilize this toolkit to kick start, maintain, and finish your day! This toolkit is perfect for those that want all the power and benefits of a meditation practice, in an efficient amount of time! All proceeds from this product benefit our non-profit division.