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Have you attended a retreat and are now fired up to host your own? Do you have a passion for healing or holding space for others to grow, heal and expand? Leading retreats is one of the most fulfilling programs we do here at Mind & Body, and now after over a decade of holding space for others in different retreat capacities (corporate retreats, yoga retreats, fitness retreats, therapeutic retreats, healing and self growth retreats), we have put together some effective tools to help others host their own retreats!

We have been there- and know there are fears when cultivating and creating a new platform such as retreats. There are financial risks, personal ability fears and the ultimate fear: will it fill? Let us help guide you with over a decade of experience!  Don’t let your fear or lack of experience/knowledge hold you back from discovering an incredible purpose filled direction that includes financial gains!

All of our levels include us sharing your retreat on our website and social media outlets as well!

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  • Level 1: Buy our retreat checklist that provides a year worth of planning to ensure a successful retreat and includes basic marketing, planning and more! $79.95get your FREE checklist for a limited time- sign up here:

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  • Level 2: includes level 1 as well as one 1-hour session with us to help answer some questions and brainstorm through ideas to ensure an amazing retreat! $199
  • Level 3: includes level 1 and 2 as well as an additional hour session and a customized marketing strategy. $595

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