Mind & Body Complete Workshops

Are you or your organization struggling with:

  • Employee retention
  • Employee/self satisfaction
  • Reducing absenteeism
  • Finding purpose in our jobs
Shannon Jamail: Mind & Body Complete

Let us help!

Organizations and individuals are constantly seeking out the secret to true success. They read books, join groups, attend trainings and form online channels to find ways to true wealth and happiness.

In our workshops, participants will learn what other top performing CEO’s, Business Owners, and Entrepreneurs know and already practice- so they can experience the fullness that life has to offer. These workshops are designed to be interactive and energizing and leave participants with some immediate take aways to implement and start the path to a truly fulfilling- and purposeful- life.

Workshops Available:

Building a Wealthy Life

  • Five strategies to true wealth for a life filled with determination & abundance

Cultivating Authenticity & Purpose

  • Developing a plan and practice in order to create dynamic and sustainable joy & success

Benefits of booking or attending a workshop:

  • Become more focused and energized.
  • Understand one’s purpose and develop a plan for implementation.
  • Becoming more present for clarity and drive.

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