Executive Retreats

Executives are constantly going. There is very little time to focus on self growth or development, and almost zero time to recharge, refuel and refresh. However, that is exactly what today’s executive needs- in order to be successful and to build a wealthy life.

Executive Retreats

Leadership Strategy and Personal Development Retreat

Looking for an amazing leadership retreat? Look no further! I have partnered with my husband, Nathan Jamail, a best selling business author and expert speaker on Leadership and we are co-hosting an amazing retreat in Costa Rica. Come check it out!

Benefits of Attending a Corporate Retreat:

  • More vitalized, energized and engaged
  • Less depressed, anxious, stressed
  • Connect & grow with others
  • More focused, goal oriented and ready to succeed
  • Increased self esteem and improved motivation
  • Less sick/down time

What is included?

Executive retreats are customized and locations are available around the country.  They can be for half day, full day or an entire weekend. Depending on amount of time, they can include:

  • Physical activities to gain energy and mobility
  • Nutrition seminars to fuel the body and mind
  • Workshops on how to build a wealthy life
  • Stress free workshops- how to reduce stress through creativity
  • Meditation and journaling workshops
  • Goal planning and business execution workshops
  • All retreats include meals and accommodations (as depicted by time)

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