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30 Days of Gratitude

30 Days of Gratitude

It is important to prepare ourselves-emotionally, spiritually, physically- to get aligned energetically- in order to fully be present, appreciate and prosper during any season of life. Wanna take a free 30 day journey with me to do that? It is 30 days of small but significant actions to completely transform our way of thinking and feeling. Gratitude is the most powerful state of being- and we are going to take 30 days to obtain this state…no…EXPLODE into this state, which will completely transform our lives.

Are you ready to join?

Join me- and invite your friends! During our 30 days you will receive daily emails with a prompt/activity- usually taking less than 5-10 minutes, as well as templates, meditations, links and more. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy (as my six year old says).

Let’s get this party started!

A Journey to Love

Journey to Love; 14 Days To Achieve That Which You Most Desire

We crave, more than anything- more than money, more than a big house or fancy car…we crave love. In this journey, we take 14 steps to achieve that.  Love.  Love for ourselves, first and foremost, and love for others- as well as the ability to receive love. In less than ten minutes a day– you CAN achieve that which you desire the most. Will you join me for this FREE event?


  • 14 short unscripted, un edited, but whole hearted daily videos (1-5 minutes in length)
  • 14 short daily meditations (3-4 minutes in length)

Reprogram Your Brain To:

  • reduce or eliminate fears
  • remove negative thoughts that hold you back
  • eliminate anxiety & stress
  • attract MORE of what you want

How do you reprogram your thoughts? The concept is easy; the application takes practice. So before you attempt to change your programming- you need to be sure of one thing:

Do you really want the change?

You will need that desire for change, for a difference, to lead you through the exercises and the work of reprogramming.

But it works. 100% of the time. It works.

Join me for this free 30 minute workshop to get an idea of how you can change your programming to attract more of what you want in life!

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Kindness Movement to Cultivate Abundance

Boy do we need kindness! Join me for a 21 day life changing program; for 21 days let’s uplift others. By uplifting others- we automatically uplift ourselves. This creates more peace, joy and abundance in our lives while simultaneously creating more for others. Can you image what would happen if EVERYONE was kind for 21 days?

  • How does it work? Sign up! After you sign up- for 21 days you will get a brief email reminder to send out your kindness. Why 21 days? That is how habits start and what a great habit to cultivate…
  • What does this kindness movement look like? The goal is for it not to take longer than 2 minutes. Within 2 minutes you send a text or email to someone (including those that are not your most favorite people- as a matter of fact those are the first you should do this for) and uplift them. Keep it simple- “I just wanted to let you know how much your smile lights up a room”. “I can’t tell you how amazing you are when you…”. “I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for being…”. “I just wanted to drop a quick line and tell you how much I appreciate you….”. You get the idea. Simple but genuine. Including those that are not your favorite. You can always find something great about everyone. By doing this- we cultivate amazing things every person’s life you touch- but you also do the same for you. Watch..I promise amazing things will happen.
  • When? Starts immediately after you sign up!
  • What else? Oh…I will randomly award prizes to those that post social media content about #kindnessmovementMBC with FANTASTIC prizes…let’s create some powerful energy all around kindness.

Are you with me?

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One Kind Word


Sign up for this FREE four week course to cultivate more BELIEF in yourself to create a path of achievement, success, peace and love in the year 2016. When you sign up, you will receive weekly emails with templates, videos and tools to to help YOU create YOUR path using YOUR BELIEF. Belief is powerful- what you think about is what will happen. Let’s cultivate a powerful believe system together so that we will BELIEVE we will achieve, and then we WILL.

  • Start date: TBD
  • What else: During this four week course, there will be opportunities for prizes including a trip on one of our retreats!
  • What is it: Spend just five minutes a day following a simple but powerful template to cultivating an incredible journey to MORE for 2016

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Ten for Ten

For ten days, join me ten minutes a day to rejuvenate our minds & become more focused, refreshed and centered.

Join me and many others as we gear up for this hectic season of life. Instead of worrying, stressing and feeling overwhelmed during this time, let’s focus our minds and energy on centering ourselves with gratitude and love enabling us to fully embrace and enjoy this time with our family and loved ones.

  • Receive a video each day that includes a ten minute meditation with a specific focus
  • Receive templates and tools to formulate your grateful spirit

This is FREE for you- feel free to invite friends and loved ones to join you.

10 Days

“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude”.- Denis Waitley

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