One Foot, and Then Another

The clock is showing 4:10am. It is time to get up and start another day. But, today, unlike yesterday, there is a ball…a knot really, of anxiousness mixed with dread in my stomach. It feels heavy. It is hard to breathe deeply. I feel afraid. Blinking hard and trying to fully wake, I ask myself, “what the fu$%?”.. internally of course..I don’t want to wake the husband. My body feels heavy even. The thought of getting up, of swinging my legs over the side of the bed, and then walking sounds like a bad idea.

How to get out of a funk

Have you ever been in a weird mood? A bad one, sad one, a funk- and you are not even sure why? No energy, don’t wanna do jack and overall feel blah? If you have, I feel you completely- and I think most people do too (at least at some point in their life). Listed below are ten things you can do to get out of a funk, however, I do know the hardest part is DOING any of the ten. Just pick one. One…and give it a shot. Then maybe another.

Intense Fear of Flying

If you know me at all, even a little bit, you know that I USED to have an intense fear of flying. I mean intense. Like the kind of fear….(insert shame face here) where I would take prescribed medication, time it just so, drink a glass (or three) of wine, and pour myself into a seat on the plane- unconscious for the flight. So dangerous by the way (imagine an emergency and I can’t really function….).

Becoming More Present

As I was filming for my coaching program, I spent some time with my clients on being more present and what that means. Why is it even important? Being more present is something that I too struggle with. I am constantly planning. Planning the next retreat, and the one after and the workshop after and then if it’s not business related, then I am planning our family events. Planning bring me joy, for sure, but I am constantly living in the future and excited about what is to come. I forget about what is happening right now.

I Won the Lotto!

I wasn’t going to tell anyone. But I have to get it out there! I WON THE LOTTO! I am not a big lotto player. As a matter of fact, the day I played, and won, was the first time I had ever played. Why wouldn’t I spend $10 for a chance at BILLIONS? When I walked into the store to buy the ticket I KNEW I was going to win. Like, I felt it in ever fiber of my being. I even made a list of what I was going to do with the winnings on my phone.

Let’s All Fail Together, Shall We?

Many of us file the term FAILURE into a state of feeling. I have heard too many people say, “I am a failure”, or “I seem to fail at everything”, or “I am such a failure, I can’t do anything right”, and the sad truth is, they are right. At that moment, their entire being is listening to these thoughts, and thus, whalla, you are a ‘failure’. Because you see, when you are telling yourself these things, in your head or out loud, you will no longer see or recognize all the ‘wins’, you will only see and feel the ‘losses’.