Fear. Anxiety. Negative thinking. Imposter syndrome.

Does this sound like you?  Shannon herself has been there; feeling like an imposter, worrying she will be found out and that she is not enough.  She has felt fear and let that both hold her back and push her forward.  She has struggled with anxiety and let it debilitate her in the past.  She has experienced obstacles that she herself created and cultivated a life around negative thoughts and stories.

Joyful. Authentic. Purpose Driven. Real.

This is where you will now find her.  An imperfect, wanna-be hippy/ yogi that sometimes curses too much. Simple and basic, but pointed and raw in her teaching. She makes mistakes, likes to have fun, drinks wine and knows that in order to be present- she has to be authentically herself and only in that authenticity, can she experience real purpose and joy.  Come find Shannon here; peaceful in her imperfection, authentic, raw, real, and ready to help you find the same for yourself – to find your best self and truth.

Drawing from her own personal life experiences and the privilege of working with thousands of others who have embarked on similar journeys, Shannon has the tools that she needs to effectively help women through her coaching, counseling, workshops, programs and retreats.

Formal credentials? Yeah. She’s got those too.

Shannon holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, a Master’s Degree in Mental Health and Nutrition from Cornell University in addition to yoga & meditation certifications.

She is a former Executive at a Fortune 500 company and a successful entrepreneur multiple times over.

Other fun facts:

Shannon loves to oil paint, paddle board and is blessed with four amazing children, as well as a beautiful daughter in law, and lives in Southern California with her family.