Dee, Our Coach

About Dee, Our Coach

Dee has an insatiable appetite for SUCCESS and a passion for helping others achieve it! Dee is an eternal student and practitioner of sustainable successful business practices. She coaches clients to realize the next level of achievement in sales and leadership through small changes to their daily routines. She specializes in working with clients on creating and managing business formulas for maximum profitability as well as coaching them on the underlying influences of success such as self-talk, mindset, affirmations, and outlook.

As a Personal Trainer, marathon runner, and yoga enthusiast, Dee lives and breathes health and wellness and knows that optimal health is achievable for everyone, regardless of the starting point. She believes that health and fitness should feel effortless – eventually! She works with clients to help them see that they don’t need “a higher pain tolerance” or herculean willpower; they just need to take small, sustainable steps combined with the belief that it IS POSSIBLE.

Be it physical or financial health, Dee believes there is “a way though every block”. Her philosophy is centered on the idea that we are creating everything that we are experiencing and that we have the power to CHOOSE to create something different. She is grateful for the prosperity and abundance she has been able to create for herself through implementing these principles in her own life and she is excited to guide those she works with to do the same!

  • Certified Sales Performance/Leadership Coach at Southwestern Consulting
  • Over ten years of Sales & Leadership Experience
  • Has worked to coach and develop individuals with experience ranging from entry level to business owners
  • Experience in Staffing, Fitness, and Franchise Industries
  • Consistent top performer, achieving year over year sales growth every year in each position held
  • Personally recruited, trained, managed and motivated top producing sales teams
  • Passionate about systems, self-discipline, and sustainable results
  • Avid reader and self-development devotee
  • Certified Personal Trainer, marathon runner, and yoga enthusiast

Working with Dee
Contact Dee for a complimentary 1:1 Business Action Planning Session to see if Sales Performance/Leadership Coaching is the right fit for you and your business!

She will also come into your office and work with your team in a Customized Workshop format (or similar).

Dee welcomes all exploratory conversations to see if her services and specialties might help you achieve your goals!